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Laura's Swan Song
This one's gonna be tough for me.

One of the producers whose wines I most associate with the early days of my shop, and whose wines I've promoted, vintage after vintage and, most importantly, whose wines I adore at the highest level, is Laura Lorenzo, in Galicia.  

Most of you are familiar with these wines, and the specter of me preaching about them, but this latest release is different...very different.

Laura has decided to make a life change, and sold her winery, so these three beautiful whites are the last wines from Laura we will ever see.

Like I said, this one is tough...

I'm so sad to see Laura's wines go, but I'm happy for her and I wish her the very best.

(As a business owner who regularly has fantasies of abandoning all this stress by lighting a match and walking away, I certainly understand.)

With that said, though, here are the last three wines of Laura's that we'll get to enjoy.

First, we have the funky, quirky, yet brilliantly delicious Erea do Pobo 2020, a blend of 80-120 year old Godello, Doña Blanca and Colgadeira from Soutipedre in the Val do Bibei.  With a deep color, yet surprisingly linear nature, it blends unique, developed fruit elements with an intensely herbaceous/savory core, and a fantastic, briny finish.

Next, the Erea da Vila 2020, is another Godello/Doña/Colga situation, this time from 100+ year old vines in Manzaneda (Val do Bibei).  Thanks to its granitic/slate soils, this one has a more classic Godello profile in its textured, citric, mineral-laden palate and fabulously drying acidity on the finish.

Finally, we have what is almost always one of my favorite of her wines, and, I'm not (at list I don't think I am) letting sentimentality cloud my mind when I say that I believe that this 2020 Gavela da Vila might be the best version of this wonderfully textured, nutty, savory and richly citric 100% Palomino (yes, Palomino Palomino, as in Sherry) that she's ever made.  

Unlike the other two, which have a short resting on the skins, the Gavela enjoys a two week maceration, and 11 months of elevage on the lees.  The touch of orange wine-i-ness that this imparts only serves to enhance the waxy, nuttiness even further.

Every time a tiny, but great winemaker like this ceases production, it's a good reminder that all things in life are transient at best, and that, whether it be people, wine, art, music, all we can do is appreciate them while we have them.

I know Laura wouldn't want her wines to be treated in any other way than to be enjoyed in good company with good food...

...and since these represent your last chance to grab some of her art...

...act accordingly...

Erea da Vila Blanco 2020
Erea do Pobo Blanco 2020
Gavela da Vila Blanco 2020

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