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Laura Lorenzo's Fabulous 2018s

Northern Spain is home to some of the most magical wine being produced in the world right now.


Envinate, Nanclares, Raul Perez, Guimaro, Luis Rodriguez, Descendientes de Palacios (who started the region's rebirth) and, of course, Laura Lorenzo, whose fantastic 2018s are what I'm so excited about today. 


All of these producers are doing amazing, world class work right now, and the best part about all of this is, most of them are relatively new, so we're watching them learn and re-nurture their vineyards in real time. 


This is a flock of talented winemakers who are getting better and better at what they do, while their vineyards get healthier and healthier. 


In other words, as good as things have been, they're getting better and better with each passing harvest, so there's so much to look forward to. 


Laura is one of the brightest stars in wine right now, in my opinion, and if you want evidence, you'll need to look no further than this current set of wines from her 2018 vintage.  As always, the wines are pure, expressive, unique and loaded with personality (much like Laura).


There's a simple beauty to these wines on the surface, but pay closer attention to them for a moment, and the utterly profound nature begins to trickle to the surface and, before you know it, you're in awe. 


2018 was a very difficult harvest for Laura, as almost half of the fruit that goes into the Gavela, Erea and Azos wines was lost.  She managed brilliantly, as always, and while we sadly won't be getting any of those three lines this year, the wine she did make, called Tabernario, is a fantastic addition. 


Every time I write up Laura's wines, I feel like, no matter how hard I try, the words just don't quite cut it. 


But, like always, I'll do my best...


...for you...




Tabernario 2018 

The wild, herbaceous, highly aromatic Tabernario is a blend of Mencia, Alicante Bouschet and Palomino that's aged in large chestnut barrels.  There's great balance here between the supple fruit and the more savory aromas and nuances.  The Palomino offers up wonderfully nutty, waxy elements at the edges. 


Portela do Vento 2018 

The PdV is always a wonderfully supple and textured red, with tremendous purity to the fruit.  Being mostly Mencia, the fruit tends to the darker end of things and there's great mineral depth to it.  Delightful. 


Camino de la Frontera 2018 

A true field blend, the CdlF is, versus PdV's juicier nature, always the daintier and even more aromatic wine, and that's the case again here.  It's super floral and there's a much more savory accent to it, with nice exotic elements as well.  This is such pretty stuff. 


Camino de la Frontera Blanco 2018 

Laura's whites occupy a very neat space in the wine universe.  They do spend some time on the skins, but I wouldn't describe them as full-on orange.  They are certainly delicious, though.  The CdlF Blanco is another field blend that's mainly composed of Malvasia, Verdejo and Puesta en Cruz that spends 10 days on the skins.  It's deep, floral and lively, with fantastic, savory nuttiness underneath it all.  


Portela do Vento Blanco 2018 

The PdV Blanco is Palomino, Doña Blanca and Godello that spends a shorter 5 days on the skins.  It's fresher in feel and there's a softer texture here, and there's wonderful, spicy nuance that intermingles nicely with the high-minded aromatics.  It's super cool stuff for the transition into Spring. 


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