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Lapo Berti - A Barolo Producer On The Rise
The 2019s from Barolo continue to wow me, and a tiny batch of 19s that I've been waiting impatiently for, from the brilliant micro-producer, Lapo Berti, have just arrived.

The first few vintages of these wines that I've worked with were available in such tiny quantities, though, that I felt it difficult to offer on the general newsletter.

This time, though, while the quantities aren't much higher, I just feel like my enthusiasm for them is too high to keep them a secret.

Purity is a word I use a lot to describe wines, most especially wines I love.  I love Berti's wines and, yes, what I do love about them is their ineffable purity.

Yes, they have the structure.

Yes, they have the tension and sophistication.

Yes, they have the aromatic fireworks.

But ultimately what I love about them is their balanced, red-fruited purity.

His style is decidedly bright and aromatic, and, yes, the purity at the core is life affirming.

Lapo works with leased plots in the MGAs of Fossati, Bricco Rocca and Serrandaneri, bottling the Fossati as a standalone, while the Commune di La Morra bottling is a blend. 

Both wines exhibit that nervous, pensive beauty that's so signature to a young Barolo, and both of them are finessed yet deceptively powerful, as is so signature to La Morra.

The Fossati 2019 is the more ethereal and flowery, while the Commune 2019 is perhaps a bit more amiable and luminous right now.

In addition to our tiny quantities of these, we have his lively, herbaceous Dogliani Dolcetto and his simply beautiful Langhe Nebbiolo, but of which demonstrate just why the 2021 vintage is drawing all manner of accolades.

Lapo's wines are true gems, and will quite possibly be unicorns sometime in the future.

They're that good.

And with how little there are now, I don't want to think about how hard getting them is going to be, if/when that happens.  

For now, get them while you can, and do so from what is shaping up to be my favorite vintage of the last decade.

Dogliani Dolcetto 2021
Langhe Nebbiolo 2021
Barolo Commune di La Morra 2019
Barolo Fossati 2019

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