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Just In Time for Turkey?

Well, even though I try not to pigeon-hole wines into the 'Turkey' slot all that much, this one arrived the other day and, even though I think you should be drinking wines like this on a year-round schedule, it's impossible for me not to acknowledge just how well this'll go with the laundry-list of items on your table come Thursday.

Whenever you have a range of flavors on your plate, nothing dances around them all quite like Riesling.

Don't like the sweet stuff?  That's all good -- this is a dry one...quite dry indeed.

2015 is a great vintage and Schafer-Frohlich is one of the hottest, most on-top-of-their-game producers in Germany right now.

Today's offer is for one of the best values in their lineup -- the Riesling Trocken 'Vulkangestein'.

Tim Frohlich's Grosses Gewachs (top level Grand Cru dry wines) are among the great examples on the market, but he produces two mid-level (for lack of a better term) dry wines which utilize the young vines from the grand cru vineyards and bottles them based on their soil types.

This is the one from Volcanic soils -- hence the name -- from around Schlossbockelheim.

Now that the tech details are out of the way, let's talk about the taste.

It's ripe and substantial, like all 2015s, and the precision and complexity here are stunning.

There's a salty/savory streak that runs through the bright, citrusy fruit with a subtle smokiness lurking at the edges, and the fantastic mineral notes running through the core continue through the bracing finish.

It's as palate-cleansing a drink as you'll find -- which is great as you move from stuffing, to mac and cheese, to succotash, to mushroom lasagna, because you're like me and you usually don't waste space with boring old turkey.

Of course, if you're a seasoned Riesling person, you'll be buying this one for any occasion and/or to sock away in the cellar.

Be ready for any plate, any bite...