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Burguet's Bourgone Les Pince Vin 2015

Of all of the legendary 'Collector's Bourgognes' out there (entry level regional bottlings that are so good and ageworthy relative to their cost that Burgundy collectors often hunt them down as fiercely as the 1ers and Grands Crus), one of my favorites has always been Burguet's Les Pince Vin.

I've had several fully mature vintages (or what many people would probably call over-the-hill at first sight) of this wine, especially in the past few years, and each time, it's been a delightful experience.

For example, a couple of years ago I had a bottle of the 1996 that was bright, energetic and had quite an impressive amount of mature-Burgundy complexity for a wine that's usually considered 'drink-now' on release.

This past weekend, I had my first bottle since the preview tasting last winter of the lovely 2015, and it's definitely one of the best versions in a long time - one that I expect to evolve beautifully to age 10 and beyond.

It's vibrantly red in the glass, with bright, cool, stunningly pure aromas of Cote de Nuits Pinot fruit and the texture is lovely, with great small-scaled intensity.  Hints of the future complexity dance around the edges and the firm, tightly-knit acidity/tannins lock the finish down nicely.

It's really lovely right now, but here's a pretty solid way to get in on the 2015 Burgundy experience for not a lot of money.

So far, this is definitely my favorite Bourgogne of the vintage!

Matt Franco

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