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J.J. Prum 2015 - The Release of the Year?

The 2015 vintage in Europe is one that's getting a lot of attention.

Many of the great regions of France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, N & S Rhone, etc.) have produced wines of truly exceptional quality.

In last week's email, I mentioned having lunch with Carlo Lisini, where he flat-out said that 2015 in Montalcino was 'perfect'.  So, you can expect lots of verbiage on Brunello in a few years.  

If you ask me (and many, many others), however, the place where the 2015 vintage may hold the most importance is Germany.

There are many superlatives that I've heard people use so far, but what we're really dealing with here is a vintage where all of the important elements of great Riesling are very strong.  The wines show great concentration and fabulous texture, both of which are balanced perfectly by a fiercely energetic acidity.

In other words, this is a once-in-a-decade kind of vintage and these are amazing wines that will last a very long time.

In the pantheon of great producers, J.J. Prum is arguably the most important, certainly in the Mosel.  Their list of vineyards rank among the finest in the region -- Graacher Himmelreich, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Bernkasteler Lay, etc. -- and their wines are some of the longest lived, most profound examples of what this most noble grape is capable of.

The clarity.

The precision.

The density.

The backbone.

From the laser-focused Kabinetts, to the strapping Ausleses, to the future-legend GKAs, these Prum are flat-out spectacular wines.  I cannot stress that enough.

As I've been telling people over the last few weeks, I think that this is probably the most important release of the calendar year 2016.

Even if you aren't a Riesling person right now, I still highly recommend some consideration here.  I say that because, in 15-20 years when these wines are finally mature, you'll be looking and one of two possible outcomes --

a) you realized that you actually love Riesling, and you're over the moon with excitement to have them.

- or -

b) you still don't like Riesling, but you're over the moon with excitement to have them because you're going to sell them for a nice profit that you'll use to buy something else.

I'll put it this way -- my son was born in 2015, and he'll definitely be getting some of these for his 'Birth Year' collection.

Get them now before the scores come out.

Joh. Jos. PRÜM 2015 (pre-arrival, October ETA)

(Katharina Prum)

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