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J&J Archambaud - How Is That Possible?!
The other week, I was tasting through a bunch of wines from Peter Weygandt's portfolio, and chatting with my rep, Ben (who many of you know from tastings here at the shop).

I asked him if there was anything he thought I needed to taste.

He glanced around and mentioned a few familiar names, but then paused and said, 'Wait, come on, you gotta taste these Burgundies!'

We walked over to a table that seemed to have a number of very interested tasters at it.  He pulled a bottle of Hautes Côtes de Nuits from the table and said, 'This is a new producer for us, but the wines are incredible!'

'Wow, they have Vosne Romainée holdings and nobody's had them in NYC before?' I asked, surprised.

'Yeah, that's the thing,' Ben said, 'he's registered as an Hautes Côtes de Nuits estate, so I guess people miss him when they're looking for things...'

I brought the glass of Hautes Côtes 2019 up to my nose and my brain exploded from the input of all manner of classic Côtes de Nuits aromas.  It had an expansive, loaded bouquet that you'd have never believed would come from a bottle with Hautes Côtes on the label.

The palate was no less impressive - darkly aromatic pinot fruit, savory/spicy nuance, firmly put together, with great acidity that perfectly balanced the generous nature of the 2019 vintage.

I couldn't believe it...

Given the quality of this supposedly humble wine, I couldn't wait to see what the Vosnes were like.

The next wine was the Vosne Romanée Aux Réas 2019, and it did not disappoint.  Somewhat predictably, it was a lot more tightly wound, with a much firmer backbone, but wonderfully expressive teases of that classic, exotic Vosne character seemed to jump out from every corner.

Then, there was the same Aux Reas, but from the impossibly classic 2017 vintage.  Take the 2019, streamline it, dial up the mineral punch and give it a backbone like iron, and that's basically what you have in the 2017 - a fabulous wine, with an utterly classic profile.

Then, in what seemed like a too-good-to-be-true scenario, there was a bottle of the AC Vosne Romanée, but from the 2016 vintage, so we got to experience, at least the early term phase of, how these wines develop in the bottle.

The edges were starting to relax, allowing the broader spectrum of textbook Vosne flavors to emerge.  It was still very much in the early stages of evolution, but it was one of those wines that, after the finish had a chance to linger on your tongue, you felt yourself compelled to come back to over and over.

In other words, it was a proper Burgundy.

As we stood there contemplating the wines, another taster came over and said 'You guys found a new Vosne producer?  How is that possible?!'

We both chuckled and reached for one more taste of the Hautes Côtes and I turned to Ben -

'So, how much of this stuff can I get??'

Hautes Côtes de Nuits 2019
Vosne Romanée 2016
Vosne Romanée Aux Réas 2017
Vosne Romanée Aux Réas 2019

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