MCF Rare Wine

It's July...So How About a White Burg Deal?


It's nothing new or innovative.


It's not particularly obscure or quirky.  


It's just solid, lieu dit, appellation White Burgundy with a great price. 


But on a hot July afternoon, when a fresh, broad and lively glass of classic, classic Burgundian Chardonnay would be oh-so nice with lunch, what it is is pretty much perfect. 


Today's Meursault Les Tillets 2015 from Jadot is, despite what you might expect from a vintage like '15 (for the whites, that is), a focused, taut and nicely developed glass of classic Meursault. 


It has the great backbone, the tightly packed density and the wonderfully citric profile that you've come to expect from the appellation, and, because of the generosity of 2015, it offers up a nice bit of chew at the edges, all before zipping off the back with nice, focused minerality. 


It's pretty giving already, but there's no rush. 


The Lieu Dit of Tillets, along with its sister Narvaux, have been producing such wonderful wines across producers lately that, for me, they've become go tos. 


Sure, there's no '1er' on the label, but, pound for pound, they've been offering up as much bang for your buck as there's left to find in major appellation White Burgundy. 


And if you can get it for a price? 


Then why the H not? 


Lobster lunch, anyone? 

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