MCF Rare Wine Ltd.

It's Back! 

A truly unique, legitimately delicious, fully mature, 22-year old red wine for $43.

I probably shouldn't need to say much more than that, but that would be no fun.

After all, it's December and everything is crazy here and I'm putting off other work to blast this out because you really really should have this in your holiday wine arsenal.

This is the fifth time since MCF has existed that we've been able to get a drop of the Pe´rez Carame´s Casar de Santa Inés 1994 -- the almost impossibly-good value from this family run estate in the Bierzo zone of Castilla y Leon in Northwestern Spain.

Every time we offer it, it gains more and more followers.

The 'Casar Ine´s' line from Carame´s is a very unique blend that mixes Cabernet (50%) with natives Mencia (33%) and Tempranillo (17%).  They have several older vintages of it lying in their cellars at the estate and, every time we put in an order for the glorious 1994, I wonder if it might be the last.

As of right now, the tap is running, so we drink, right?

When you do drink this, you'll be transported to a place where Spanish people speak with a French accent (or something like that).

The Cabernet is certainly the main component of the flavor here, but it's a refined, aged, old-fashioned Bordeaux-like component.  The aromas are indeed of a fully mature French Cabernet that has a wonderful perfume of savory herbs and rustic earthy tones, imparted by the Mencia and Tempranillo respectively.

This translates to the palate with supple dark fruit, hints of savory spice and really nice grip on the finish.

Fully mature, seamless, complex and delicious. 

Beef Wellington, anyone?

Matt Franco