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Ignios: The Wild One

True story...

I was just finishing up a meeting with a rep/friend of mine and she mentioned that she had the craziest, most amazing Canary Island red recently, but she couldn't remember the name.

I started rattling off the names of the really good producers that I know.

She kept saying 'nooo, that wasn't it', and then said, 'I feel like it might have began with an "I"', to which I immediately said 'Oh, was it the Ignios??!!'


'Oh, I love those wines!' I said and we began to discuss it.

She was talking about the Listan Negro and how awesome it was.

'Yeah, that one is awesome.  Have you had the Baboso?' I asked.

She hadn't and I began pontificating on the merits of that one too.

As we were talking, in walked my rep from Bowler (Ignios' importer/distributor).

'We are talking about the Ignios!' I said, 'I can't believe I haven't ordered any this Summer!'

Needless to say, that problem was rectified immediately and now here I am writing about them.

No set of wines is more 'all over the place' (in the best way) than Ignios.

The chalky, spicy, burly, smokey and energetic Listan Negro is incredibly good for the money.  (As Chris said when we were tasting it just now, 'That is a whole lotta wine for $22...')

If that weren't enough, the Baboso Negro will transport into some kind of volcanic, gamey, smoked-clove fantasy land.  It's softer and more complex than the Listan, and it literally changes from sip to sip.

As you drink either of these, you'll find yourself wandering after each fleeting flavor, only to abruptly turn and follow a new one that you just discovered.

Pretty cosmic stuff, man...

Matt Franco

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