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I Didn't Know It Could Do That!  (Or Why You Should Age Your Rosé)
I say it every year.

I'm the crazy person always telling you to lay a bottle or two of your rosés down for a year and see for yourself what happens.

This time, though, you don't have to wait.  Today, I have two unbelievably delicious rosés that are at their drinking apexes.

They're apex-y.

They're also from the two appellations where well made rosés almost require aging.  They're good young, but they explode with flavor and depth and nuance with a year or two.

The first one is La Bastide Blanche's 2021 Bandol Rosé.  Bandol, known for its brawny, structured and ageworthy reds, also makes fabulous and world-famous rosé that can be described in the same way.

In the last year that this deeply colored beauty has sat, the fruit had broadened and the spicy, stony, herbaceous complexity and have just exploded.  Every time I pour someone a glass of aged Bastide Blanche, the reaction is one of surprise and delight - an 'I didn't know rosé could taste like that' kinda thing.

If Bandol rosé are good young, but better aged, rosé from Burgundy's only appellation that produces pink wines, Marsannay, can be borderline uninspiring when young.  The elegant reticence of Pinot Noir and the taut structure of Marsannay don't exactly play well when out of balance.  The wines don't taste bad, but often times they just don't taste like all that much.

With some time, in this case two years, in bottle, though, and your mind will be blown, just like ours was when we tasted the 2020 Clair-Dau Marsannay Rosé of Louis Jadot last week.  This is a wine we stocked two years ago when it was first released, and it was a big hit then, but now...

...holy moly...

The soft, deeply earthy berry fruits are wide open and wildly expressive, with gorgeous hints of savoriness at the edges, and they hover over an insanely mineral foundation...

...I'm talking like top-tier Chablis-level chalky-stoniness.

The finish seems to last for a minute.  This is the kind of complexity people expect from much more expensive reds/whites.  And here you have it on a deal...

...have the 'I didn't know rosé could do that' moment of your own...

Domaine La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rosé 2021
Domaine Clair-Dau Rosé de Marsannay (Jadot) 2020

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