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Humble, Sublime Bordeaux 


Most of you who've been reading this for a while have gathered that, while I certainly do enjoy the wines, and often speak quite highly of them, Bordeaux and Bordeaux-adjacent wines are not a focus of mine. 


That's not a knock on them, and certainly not on those who enjoy them, but...


...from my PoV (and of course I'm speaking very broadly here), the world of classified Bordeaux is so flashy, so luxury/exclusivity-minded, so over-polished, that, when looking at the wide, wide world of wine, there is so much more enjoyment, versatility and soul to be had at such better


But, what if there were a Bordeaux made with such soul?


With a commitment to tradition and terroir above all else?


That's made with humble, honest simplicity? 


No high-tech, flaw-masking chemistry, no 'winemaker's spice rack' of exotic-aroma/flavor-inducing cultured yeasts?


Just high-quality Cab and Merlot, farmed organically and judiciously shepherded toward a genuine expression of the region and the vintage? 


Like the perfectly understated guitar solo?


No easily digestible flash and stage-y affectation?  






(Bottle of Chateau Auney l'Hermitage's 2016 Cuvée Cana proceeds to fall from the sky and land on writer's head, knocking him out of his sanctimonious pontificating...)


No, I'm serious...


Everyone loved, Auney's 2015 Graves Rouge earlier this year (you can read that offer HERE if you want a refresher), and here we have their 'higher-end' offering, and from the gloriously aromatic and lifted 2016 vintage.


The Cana is classic Graves - where the regular Rouge was mostly Merlot, the Cana is 60% Cab, and 40% Merlot.   


It's chiseled, focused, structured and mineral, with a beautiful collage of dark Cabernet fruit that's broadened out by the textural generosity of the Merlot. 







Graves Rouge Cuvée Cana 2016


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