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If my offer for Luigi Tecce a few weeks back represented the coolest, smallest, boutique-iest example of Taurasi on the market, today's represents the old standard.

Mastroberardino is the one of the oldest names in Italian wine and is more closely linked to the zone in which it operates than perhaps any producer in the world.

I've gone on at length over the past 6 years about these wines and the respect they deserve -- respect in terms of quality, longevity and value.  Like I say every time I offer Mastroberardino, it's really difficult these days to find wines that are this compelling and delicious that will last as long as these for such fair pricing.

The 2009 Radici Riserva is, like the 2007, a powerful, showy version of this wine.  Unlike the 2007, which was very dark in its fruit, here there is a redder tint to the profile and the wine has a bit more freshness.  The firm tannin and abundant volcanic personality is still on full display.

Even though the wine will see its 30th birthday with ease, it also drinks pretty nicely already.

I'm very excited today to be the first shop in the US offering this wine and, as always, the pricing is extremely sharp!

Over the past few years, any offers for Mastroberardino have generated very serious interest.

This is a pre-arrival sale, these will be arriving in the Fall.

I can also offer more of the fantastic 2007 Radici Riserva, which was a huge hit.  It is also coming directly from the estate and will arrive with the 2009.

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