MCF Rare Wine

Honest, Delicious Bordeaux 
(That's Certified Bio!)

For those of you who don't read to the bottom, Rachel Hubert from Grolet/Peybonhomme will be here in the shop tomorrow pouring these
wonderful biodynamic Bordeaux from 5-7pm!
It's a super November-y day here in NYC - cold, cloudy and wet - and it's apparently going to get really cold tomorrow.  

In other words, it's prime Bordeaux drinking weather.

Even though the region has, in the past decade or so, come to hold the unfortunate title of embodiment of all that is lame about wine production - overly-manipulated, additive-packed wines that are designed to maximize point scores and/or general profitability at the expense of true character - wines like today's from the Hubert family prove, yet again, that painting with a broad brush is counterproductive.

Their three wines - two from Chateau Peybonhomme les Tours and one from Chateau La Grolet - are about as honest, delicious and character-driven as you could ask for...and they do so while topping out at a whopping $28/btl.

This is certified biodynamic juice that represents all that a lover of traditional wine could ask for...or, to put it another way, they represent what a traditional wine lover has always wished more Bordeaux would taste like...

So, while I sit here, 'escaping' the damp, cold day at my desk in a cellar-temp room (it's cold in here, too), the more I type, the better a glass of one of these sounds...especially with the soup I'm simultaneously cooking for my lunch for the week.

The best part, though, is that Rachel Hubert (who, along with her brother Guillaume, represents the sixth generation) will be here at the shop tomorrow evening (5-7pm) to pour all three!  

So come and get warm...

Chateau la Grolet Cotes de Bourg 2017
The Grolet (predominantly Merlot, with some Cabernet and Malbec) has been a favorite here for a few years now, simply because it's just really delicious stuff.  The soft, generous dark fruits are easy going and open, with plenty of classic 'right-bank' character.  When you factor in the price and the biodynamic certification, it's a no-brainer.

Chateau Peybonhomme les Tours Blaye 2016
Peybonhomme les Tours's flagship wine (a blend of Merlot 70%, Cab Franc 20% and Malbec 10%) is a great 'sibling' to the Grolet - it's also certified bio, great price, no-brainer, etc. - but flavor wise, it offers a nice counterpoint as well.  It's a bit more focused and structured, and has a slightly more aromatic profile.  The spicy, herb-y-ness it shows thanks to the Cab Franc gives it a bit more of an edge...for when you need an edge...

Chateau Peybonhomme les Tours Quintessence de Peybonhomme 2016
This is a post-fermentation selection of their best vats and the blend, while different every year, is always mostly Merlot and Malbec...and you can tell.  This is deeper, richer and darker than the other two, but it still shows plenty of cla

You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.