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Hampden's 8 Marks Collection
There's not much that gets a Rum Geek more fired up than seeing the name Hampden on a bottle.

Now, what if instead of a bottle, it's a box full of eight 200ml bottles, each of which contains an un-aged sample of one of the eight legendary Hampden rums.

These rums vary in terms of their production process.  Some are all molasses, most have some cane juice, most have some dunder, some have a little muck, and some have lots of muck, but, in the end, what separates them is their final ester content, which is the defining element in each of their flavors.

Hampden has always associated each rum with a 'Mark' that denotes its particular style from 'OWH', with the lowest ester content, all the way up to 'DOK', which has the highest of any rum on earth.

Sounds pretty good right?

Well, here you go...

The Hampden '8 Marks' Collection is here.

Get it now if you're like me and like to steep yourself in funky (especially un-aged) rum.

Get it now for the 'rum steeper' in your life as the ultimate holiday gift.

Just get it now, because I don't have that many...

...and I could easily see myself drinking them all.

8 Marks Collection Box $179 per box

One 200ml bottle each of -

You may order by calling 212.255.8870.

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MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
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