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Guímaro's Glory Rolls On
Guímaro's wines are back on the shelf here, as they were the day I opened this shop.

Back then, they were part of a small, but exciting flock of value-driven wines arriving from Northwestern Spain made of these intriguing grapes called Godello and Mencia.

I obviously still adore the wines, these days, Godello and Mencia are pretty much established grapes, and Guímaro's wines are, IMHO, among the top produced in all of Spain, certainly in Galicia.

So, here we have their newly-arrived and totally fabulous 2020s, which are more than worthy followups to the knockout 2019s.

The usual big three are here, but I'm also happy to offer, for the first time, a wine that I was actually quite taken with - the Finca A Ponte 2020, made from relatively young vines on iron-y, slate-y soils.  It's a throwback blend of just 30% Mencia, with the rest a blend Caíño Redondo, Caíño Longo, Sousón, Brancellao and Merenzao.  It's got all your signature herbaceous, mineral elegance, but there's a sprightly, spunky character to it that I really love.

The Finca Meixeman 2020 is, as always, the most free-spirited, if you will, of the bunch.  It's got the lightest overall profile, and it's more exotically aromatic, but what I love it the sense that it's a bit of a moving target in terms of pinning down its exact character.  It kind of won't commit to what kind of Ribeira Sacra it wants to be!  It is, nonetheless, beautifully balanced and very intriguing.

The Finca Pombeiras 2020 is drinking beautifully right now, combining the deeper, darker fruits and more intensely mineral elements with that lovely perfumed character that the Meixeman shows.  It's the generous, crowd-pleaser, and a fantastically delicious one at that.

Standing at the top of the hill, as always, is the Finca Capeliños 2020 - far and away the most seriously structured, and densely-packed of all the offerings.  Still rather tightly wound, it's going to be a haunting, mineral/herbaceous juggernaut of a wine with 5-10 years in the cellar.  The Pombeiras will have more mass/critic appeal, but, for me, the Capeliños, in its near perfect balance between fruit, dense complexity and the structure that holds it all tightly together, reins supreme again!

You really should give all three of them a try, though...

...because I said so...

Finca A Ponte
Finca Meixeman
Finca Pombeiras
Finca Capeliños

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