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Guido Marsella Fiano is Back!








A few weeks back, Emily and I met for brunch with some of her very best old friends at Frankie's Spuntino here in the West Village.  Aside from their reputation for great Italian classics, Frankie's has one of the best brunches in the neighborhood.

As it happens when you're sitting down with old friends, chatting and catching up was the priority in the early going, so we all ordered a cocktail to start.

When we finally got down to looking at the menu, everyone made their choices, but Emily and I made sure that we ordered a couple plates of their wildly delicious cavatelli with spicy sausage and browned butter for the table to start with.  If you've never had it, I highly recommend.

After ordering, I knew we needed to switch to wine right away.  A quick perusal of the wine list had my eyes land directly on a wine that I'd been sorely missing here at the shop and was glad to see it had been picked up by a different importer.

Guido Marsella's Fiano di Avellino is, in my opinion, the best example of this Campanian classic on the market.  Clelia Romano's is wonderful as well, but Marsella's is a touch more rustic, it has an extra level of the smokey, spicy, volcanic character that make Campanian wines so unbelievably good.  When you couple those 'funkier' notes with the fresh, textured fruits and you have what might be the most interesting and delicious white wine for Summer (and any other season, for that matter).

With all of the rich, spicy, cheesy dishes that were about to land on the table, there was no need to look any further.

We all dug into the cavatelli with a glass of fresh, smokey Fiano in our other hand and everyone was very happy.

Needless to say, the bottle didn't last very long.

Many of you long-time customers may remember what was, a few years back, known lovingly as 'the smokey white'.  

It's back, and it's delicious.

Matt Franco

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