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Grower Franciacorta, Well Sorta...

Yes, I know that rhymed...

...and I'm oddly proud of it.

But, you want to know what else I'm proud of?

The fact that I'm offering out this utterly profound sparkling wine from Lombardian producer Ca' del Vent...and there's nothing odd about it.

Well...maybe it's a little odd that it no longer sports the Franciacorta designation on the label, because in recent years, these spectacular wines started to be rejected from the consorzio (hence the 'sorta' in the title)...

...why, I'm not exactly sure...maybe because they tasted too good and cost too little?!?!

Yes, I'm being a bit of a jerk there, but I'm also being pretty correct.

So much of the wines from what is essentially Italy's Champagne region are, IMO, highly ho-hum in quality and severely overpriced.

Not these wines from Antonio Tornincasa's beautiful little estate just to the North of Brescia, though.

I'll just put it this way, this is stuff that would compete on any table full of Grower Champagnes...

...and by compete, I don't mean just belong, but out-perform.


Today's wine is their Brut Pas Operé Memoria 2014, and, though I first tasted it nearly a month ago now, that first sip is still imprinted on my consciousness.

It's a blend of 94% Chardonnay and the rest Pinot Noir, from chalk-packed clay/limestone soils, that's fermented super-traditionally in old barriques with zero additives.

The Pas Operé in the name refers to the fact that, rather than sugar-based dosage, Antonio selects juice from his ten most mineral/vegetal/savory barrels and adds that to the wine to initiate the secondary fermentation.

A brilliant step that leads to an utterly profound expression of sparkling wine.  The supple texture and mousse are in perfect balance, the deeply complex, chiseled, mineral and subtly berry-fruited profile slides into a gorgeous finish that leaves you helplessly wanting more.

In an appellation of mostly shiny, shallow wines, this is the lovable, genuine local you can't help wanting to hang out with.

So even though it's only 'sorta Franciacorta'... me, it's what all Franciacorta should aspire to...

CA' del VENT
Brut Pas Operé Memoria 2014

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