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Graci Etna Rosato: Pure Pink Etna


Since we've been on an Island Wine kick this week, let's keep the train rolling with one of the most popular pink wines we sell every year - Graci's Etna Rosato 2018.  


Graci's wines from the slopes of Sicily's Mt Etna live in that 'Goldilocks Zone' of space where they satisfy the hard core geeks an the casual drinkers alike and, of course, everyone in between. 


They're lively, bright, hyper-fragrant and perfectly balanced - and that's exactly how I'd describe this wonderfully fresh and focused Rosato of Nerello Mascalese. 


The super pale orange-y/pink-y color really kinda sums up what your in for - a zippy, citrus-tinged rosato that speeds across the palate leaving wake of volcanic spice and minerals, all wrapped in a supple, pink fruit. 


Really, what more could you ask for? 


A sub-$25 price tag, you say? 


Sure, why not...


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Matt Franco

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