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Gilles and Levet 


Today's offer is all about classic French Syrah.


Well, mostly about classic French Syrah.


In the last five years or so, Guillaume Gilles has become one of the most sought after producers in the Northern Rhône, certainly from the appellation of Cornas.  After mentoring with (and inheriting the cellar of) the great Robert Michel, he had a lot of expectations around him.  His wines really began to hit their stride in the early teens, and have been getting better and better since.  Rather than his mentor's signature elegant style, Gilles' brawny, concentrated and feral style of staunchly traditional, age worthy COrnas showcase the classic tension between powerful fruit and firm, savory structure. 


Oh, and I say 'mostly about classic French Syrah' because Guillaume acquired a tiny plot of granite-soiled, 40 year-old Gamay vines in the Ardeche a few years ago, from which he producers a minuscule amount of the deep, powerful, highly-aromatic Gamay de la Vallée du Doux Combeaux Massardières.


Then we have the oldest of the old-school producers in Cote Rotie's Bernard Levet, whose wines, while ultimately all about the hyper-aromatic nature of classic Syrah, are, in their early years, all about the ferocious tannic structure. 


Given proper patience, though, Côte Rôtie, in all of its wild, floral, tapenade-y glory, will make itself quite obvious. 


The greatness of ultra-traditional Syrah has followed the paths of traditional Burgundy and Piedmont before it - first overlooked, then misunderstood, then maligned, then re-discovered, and now held in the highest regard. 


While it's really easy to get all misty-eyed about the legendary names that we can no longer find or afford, the reality is that there is a lot to be happy about (and look forward to) from the great appellations of this most unique region, and these two are absolutely on that list. 


One is continually pushing 'tradition' into new frontiers (like, say...Gamay), while the other is keeping on like they always have...


...and there's so much beauty in both. 



Cornas 2018 Cornas Les Rieux 2018 

Vin de France Les Peyrouses 2018 

Gamay de la Vallée du Doux Combeaux Massardieres 2019 



Côte Rôtie Les Journaries 2018

Côte Rôtie La Chavaroche 2018


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