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Get on the Vajra Boat Before it Sails...

I'm always talking (at least it seems like it to me) about the producers in every category who fly just below the 'legendary' level - ones whose stock is are the rise, but they haven't smashed into that tip-top tier of fame just yet.

In Barolo, these are names like Cavallotto, F Rinaldi, Burlotto, Brovia, (just to name a few) or, in today's case, Vajra.

For a few years now, Vajra's Baroli have been garnering a larger and larger fan-base, especially in the realm of traditionalist Barolo.

However, Vajra's wines are fast approaching the tipping point when they go from 'insider value' that a merchant can still get by the stack, to one of those wines where everyone gets a couple of cases to somehow distribute among their 500 Barolo collectors.

The 2010 vintage really put them on the map and these 2013s, I expect, will launch them ever higher, so this is about as good a time to get on board with them as there will be.

By the time the 2016s come out, probably Barolo's next great vintage, they may have already become scarce, know...

The Bricco delle Viole vineyard is one of the highest in Barolo and, as you would expect, it's a flowery/aromatic explosion of a wine with impeccable detail and a blazingly bright spectrum of nuance.

It's as densely-packed a wine that you can also still describe and elegant or feminine.

The Viole is always a great wine, but a vintage like 2013, that leans heavily on restraint and aromatics, allows it to really take flight.

This is definitely one of my favorites for the vintage.

Matt Franco

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