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These kinds of emails are the most fun - because wines that are this good at a price this fair can basically sell themselves.

But here's the sales pitch anyway...

Florent Garaudet is a rising young star in Burgundy.  He makes a range of whites and 1er Cru reds from Monthelie, a Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge and also a Puligny and a Meursault.

While all of those are fantastic wines, today we're going to talk about one more that I didn't list, his Bourgogne Aligoté...2014, that is...

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Aligoté is the 'other' white grape of Burgundy that, forever, was mostly relegated to the 'Also Ran' category, but lately is proving itself more than worthy of terrific things in the hands of great winemakers (see Lafarge and Roulot, etc.)...and Garaudet is one of those...

This is a lovely, fairly priced little glass of white Burgundy that, with a few years of bottle age under its belt, is firing on all cylinders right now.

In its youth, this is a very racy, edgy wine, even by Aligoté standards, as Garaudet's style is definitely one of energy and focus.

Combine that with the vigor of the 2014 vintage and you have a heck of a wine to begin with.

Give it a few years of bottle time, though, and the whole thing open up beautifully.

That lively edge has given way to a slightly softer and rounder stance, but with no trade off in terms of energy.

The aromatics have blossomed nicely, showcasing all kinds of floral, citric character.  Those carry through on the palate, as well, where a nice creaminess and subtle nuttiness have also developed.

The finish refocuses things with a touch of stony zip.  

It represents more proof that you don't need to spend $50+ to enjoy the character of a wine that's been given proper time to wise up!

So wise up, and get some.

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Matt Franco
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