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French Minerality, Two Ways


The 'mineral' nature of wine is compelling for a number of reasons.


At the conceptual level, it captivates for the way it expresses the place from where a given wine came. 


At the visceral level, it makes the wines taste really, really good. 


Now, I'm certainly a fan of the conceptual...


...but when I've got, say, a bunch of fresh fish in front of me, the only 'concept' I care about is how 'viscerally' delicious the wines I have sitting next to it will be. 


So, with that concept in mind, here are two viscerally mineral French whites to carry you through the lazy days of August. 


Okay, I'm done with the silly language...



Sebastien Christophe is a new producer on our radar, but his wonderful expressions of the world's most renowned region for chalky, focused minerality have him quickly becoming one of our favorites, especially when you take price into account.  This lovely Petit Chablis is fragrant, focused and flinty, with the subtle, stony elements defining it all the way across the palate. 


FABRICE GASNIER Chinon Blanc Le Clos de la Cure 2019 (Certified Organic/Biodynamic)

Like its spiritual relative Riesling, Chenin can run the spectrum from 'off dry' all the way to dessert-level sweet, but, it can also be bone dry.  Today's wonderfully aromatic and intensely mineral Chinon Blanc from Gasnier is exactly that - vigorously, electrifyingly, bone dry.  All of the classic flowery, honeyed Chenin elements are there in droves, but, with such high-toned acidity and intense, metallic stoniness screaming across your palate, it's about as much excitement as $25 can buy.  While Muscadet, Chablis and Sancerre usually dominate the mineral French white zeitgeist, a beautiful dry Chenin like this one more than deserves a seat at the table.   


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Matt Franco

MCF Rare Wine, Ltd