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Fourcas Dupré Delivers Again...this time from 2001...

Twice in the past few months, I offered up shipments of the lovely 2004 Fourcas Dupre as a stellar Bordeaux value from an underappreciated vintage.  

Both times, it was a big hit.

Just the other day, though, I was offered a similar lot, at a similar price, of the fabulous (and by fabulous I mean even better in many ways) 2001, the first wave of which is arriving at the shop today.

The best part, though, is that 2001 is a vintage that was actually quite appreciated.  Yes, it was somewhat overlooked following the 2000 hype, but it was still well-received... call it a 'those who know' kinda vintage.

Where the '04 was medium-weight, aromatic, herbaceous and had a lot more acidity, the 2001 is fuller, even more complex, with soft edges and a dark, mineral core.

In other's a good drink.

A perfectly delightful, honest and comforting little glass of Bordeaux with 17 years of age on it for less than $30?

(I forgot to mention that it's actually a couple of bucks cheaper than the '04 as well...)

Wines like this are what makes selling wine fun.


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