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Four Spring-y Whites


So, it's March, and even though we no longer have Baseball to look forward to, the angle of the afternoon sun and the inching up of the mercury ave me thinking about Spring.


So, naturally, whites are sounding more and more appealing...and here are four goodies that will get your palate going for the flavors of the season of renewal. 


Because we can all use a little renewal...


Or perhaps a lotta...




DOMAINE de LOYE Menetou-Salon Blanc 2019

I often go on about Pouilly Fumé as an alternative to Sancerre, but leaving Menetou-Salon out of that discussion is...not good of me.  Loye's lovely Menetou is a fantastic example of this sadly overlooked appellation.  With its oilier texture, mineral focus, and chalky/flinty finish, this is one of the better Menetou I've had in a while. 


CHRISTOPHE LEPAGE Bourgogne Blanc 2017 

There's not a lot to say about this one, other than classic, delicious Bourgogne Blanc, with wonderful citric/mineral complexity and from the fabulous 2017 vintage for white Burgundy.  Well, I guess that wasn't 'not a lot', but the point is that this wine offers a whole lot for the dough.


DÉSIRÉ PETIT Savagnin Ouille L'Essen'Ciel 2017 

Speaking of delicious 2017s that are in prime drinking shape, this wonderful Savagnin from Désiré Petit has visions of morels and Poulet au Vin Jaune dancing in my head.  It's an Ouille (topped off) white, but given the age, it's got a whole bunch of nutty, waxy, earthy complexity jammed into it.  The savory streak that runs throughout is Jura all the way.  Fantastic! 


CHRISTOPHER BARTH Handwerk Riesling 2020 

Christopher Barth, the young garagiste in the Rheinhessen, is completely rethinking the approach to German Riesling.  Inspired heavily by the wines of Burgundy, he seeks to make aromatic, crystalline, herbaceous and (very) dry wines.  If this gloriously flowery, vigorous and subtly savory Handwerk Riesling is any indicator, he's already well on his way to mastering that challenge.  It has a similar flavor set as the more traditional 'trocken' rieslings do, but it's not as aggressively linear and laser-edged.  His fondness for Burgundy has yielded a wine that's riesling through and through, but textured in a way I've not experienced, but am very happy that I now have!


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