MCF Rare Wine

- Follow Up -

Just over a week ago, the below newsletter went out, and I feel compelled to follow up to it with a quick note about the Bisci Verdicchio Senex 2010 mentioned below.  

I took the bottle I had opened the day the wine arrived (March 16th) home with me that night.  We had a bit of it with dinner, but I re-corked it and put it in the fridge.  I had a taste the next night and it had gotten quite a bit nicer, showing even more complexity and also more freshness (if you can believe it), but it wasn't finished that night, either. 

I re-corked it again, put it back in the fridge and then proceeded to completely forget about it.  Well, this past Saturday afternoon, I re-discovered it sitting in the fridge while I was preparing meatballs for that night's dinner. 

Curious, I poured myself a glass.  It was stunning, after over two weeks of being opened, it had, if anything, seemingly gotten younger. The acidity had come back to the fore, and the lovely aromatic notes you so often associate with Verdicchio had gotten even more complex.  Of course, the great Bisci cheesy character was fully present.  

That night at the dinner table, the remaining bit was quickly demolished.

I've had all kinds of such surprises with age worthy whites, especially from Italy, but it's always fun whenever it happens. 

In many ways, this is the perfect 'Early Spring' white, especially with the crazy up-and-down weather we've been having in NY.  It's fresh enough for delicate foods, yet serious enough for something more substantial. 

I would be remiss to not share such a story with you as a) this is the kind of experience that makes wine what it is and b) I have access to a bit more of it, so there's no reason not to!