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Ficomontanino - A Star in the Making
Where to begin with how excited I am about these wines...

I guess I'll just start by saying how excited I am about these wines...

To me, Maria Sole of Ficomontanino has all of the makings of a future star in the wine world.  In 2014, she took over her family's vines that her Grandfather had purchased in the 1960s in the village of Chiusa, in Southern Tuscany, near the borders of Lazio and Umbria, and she's transformed the winery into a source for incredibly invigorating, clean, precise, friendly, classic and all around mind-blowingly delicious wines based on Sangiovese.

She's young, passionate, energetic and, above all, she's an incredibly good winemaker.

So, it's with all of that in mind that I offer two of her wines today, and mark my words, you'll want to pay attention...

Her Bulgarelli Rosso 2020, the flagship red, is fabulous.  Think Chianti-level class and structure, but with that darker, earthier, slightly softer and more mysterious character that you get from Sangiovese in further flung sections of Tuscany or in Lazio.

While it is rather tightly wound right now, there's still plenty of densely-mineral, darkly pitched Sangiovese fruit and that wonderfully open sense of joyousness that you get from a naturally-made wine, both of which help to carry that firm backbone capably.  Enjoy now with a rich Fall meal, but if you have the ability, you should definitely lay a couple down for a year or five.

Then we have her Rosato, for me, arguably the even more compelling of the two.  The Noble Kara 2021 is a Rosato of pure Sangiovese that eschews the recent trend of making pink wines that emulate Provence, and instead proudly speaks to the tradition of real Italian rosati - wines that are deeper, darker, more structured and more serious (think Cerasuolo from Abruzzo).  It's a dark/rusty shade of pink, with beautifully sweet-ish fruit that's packed with assertive, yet totally complimentary herbaceousness.  Just in time for Fall, this is fantastic stuff, but, again, if you can let it go for a year or more, I think it's going to blow your mind even further.

From my PoV, Maria is clearly a burgeoning tour de force, and her wines will be fiercely fought over at some point in the near future.  


Toscana Rosso Bulgarelli 2020
Toscana Rosato Noble Kara 2021

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