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Fantastic New Releases from Braida

Long before so many of us were clamoring for the Barberas of Bartolo Mascarello, Cappellano and Giacomo Conterno, there was one producer who put standalone Barbera bottlings on the world map - Giacomo Bologna of Braida.

The Barbera d'Asti Bricco dell'Uccellone, Braida's top bottling, has become a one of Italy's most legendary wines because a) it was really the first cellar-worthy 100% Barbera to gain international attention and b) it tastes really good - especially with a little bit of age.

I know, I know...

Me, the hard core Barbera-evangelizing Piedmont-traditionalist talking up Bricco dell'Uccellone?

Yeah, sorry, but I'll admit that I've always loved this wine, even if the use of Barriques may seem like it goes against what I stand for.

I first tasted this wonderful 2015 a few weeks ago, and it was spectacular.

The 2015 Uccellone is dense and rich showing the deep, dark, earthy flavors and great acidic edge that proper Barbera is known for.  Yes, it's a rather large-scaled wine, but the oak is not too powerful so as to obscure that yummy, meaty Barbera goodness.

Give this beauty a good stint in the cellar and the rich, woody notes really integrate and the real earth starts to emerge.

Speaking of other things that, on paper, you might think I'd have nothing to do with, the little gem of Braida's lineup is the Il Baciale 2015.

Barbera (60%) blended with Pinot Noir (20%), Cabernet (10%) and Merlot (10%)?!

Yeah, and it's also really delicious, and at just $23 a bottle, it's kind of a steal.

The Barbera and Pinot combine for some fantastic, mid-weight, deeply earthy character, while the added muscle on the back end that the Cabernet/Merlot add give this relatively modestly-priced wine a lot more substance that you'd expect.

It's medium-weight, but surprisingly full-bodied, with plenty of dark, earthy, mineral nuance.

Often times, great producers like this that were truly innovative in their time get lost in the static of ever-changing tastes.

If you've never had Braida, though, or if you just haven't checked in on them lately, I think you oughtta...

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