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Fabulous, Mature Bordeaux
Well, this was a surprise.
No, seriously...

Ultra-fine, ultra-classic Bordeaux from an estate that was totally off the map...oh, and one that also happened to have a pretty deep cellar of library wines.

Like I said...a surprise...

These kinds of 'discoveries', for lack of a better term, do still happen, but the world's most famous wine region is probably the last place you'd think to find one.

Yes, it's in a 'satellite'...but still...

But, alas, that's what happened here - the short version of the story goes like this.  The Amoreau family of Chateau Le Puy, have, over the past decade or so, found a great audience here in the states in people who seek authentic, classically-styled wines over the heavily stylized ones that rose to prominence from the 90s onward.

What was once old, can be new (or exciting) again...

Their old friend Régis Moro, who had purchased an estate straddling the Côtes de Francs and Côtes de Castillon in 1984, and had enjoyed good success in France with his similarly old-school, organically farmed wines, had decided it was time to sell, so the Amoreaus purchased the estate from him in 2022.

While their handiwork at Closerie du Pelan (that's the name, I forgot to mention until now) won't hit the market for a few years, 'thrown in' with the estate was this bounty of back vintage wines that hadn't moved since they were bottled.

Lucky us...

These vintages of Moro's wines from Pelan are, indeed, ultra-classic - burly, structured, focused, detailed and charmingly honest.

For people like me who often complain about value and typicity in this region, this is about as good as things get.  These are textbook...and values to boot.

Lucky us...

2000 - from the first of the great vintages of the aughts, this 2000 is seamless and delicious from the gun.  The riper elements of 2000, along with the hyper-classic style make for a best of both worlds expression.  It shows fantastic maturity and wonderful Cabernet minerality and herbaceousness.  Beautiful.

1999 - take the 2000, broaden its shoulders and de-civilize it a bit, and that's how I'd describe this wonderful '99.  A bit more of a brute, but a deeply complex one at that.  It's firmly mineral and leathery, but, underneath it all, shows that elusiveness and elegance, as well.  

2005 - from what is easily the most solar vintage of the trio, this 2005 is still rather dense and tightly wound at the moment.  With it's lovely, ripe disposition, it offers plenty to latch onto already, but there's so much buried deep inside that'll unfold beautifully over the next decade plus.

Be one of the lucky ones...

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