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Fabulae Returns!  (With Two New Additions...)

The latest shipment of wines from my man Stefano have arrived, and we're very excited to have them back.  


Plus, he's sent us two new items this time - a fantastic Aglianico del Taburno that he calls 'Must' and a fun Pet-Nat of Aspirinio that's aptly named 'Aspritz'.  


Of course, the Pallagrello Bianco is here, and showing some nice evolution these days, with a deeper color and nice levels of the savory/cheese-y nuance to go along the volcanic minerality underneath. 


And there's more of the Solopaca 2015, the wild, spicy volcanic red that started it all, and  has also put on more complexity since last time we had it.  


But, first things first, if you're a new reader on this list, and want to know more about the story behind the Fabulae project, check out the previous times I've written about it HERE (and HERE). 


Now, that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the Aspritz, a super-fun and refreshing Pet-Nat made from Aspirinio that Stefano believes (and boldly says so on the label) is the '#1 Best Wine for Pizza'...and, while I will always say that proper Aglianico (like his, for example) is the best wine for Pizza, I do certainly see his point. 


The herbal/savory aromas and flavors that underlie this lightly cloudy, casual sparkler make for quite a nice pairing, especially for those who'd normally be reaching for a beer.  It's light, refreshing, and just the right amount of quirky, and it only comes in a crown-capped 375ml, so it's perfect for two people splitting a pizza on a weeknight. 


The Aglianico del Taburno 'Must', on the other hand, is easily the most serious wine that Stefano's procured to date. 


When I tasted the preview of it earlier this year, I couldn't wait for it to arrive, so I couldn't help snagging a bottle on the way out the door last Friday to enjoy alongside two wildly funky pieces of beef I bought earlier that day at one of my favorite local butchers, Hudson and Charles. 


When I first pulled the cork, it was a little disjointed and edgy on the nose, but a good 30 minutes in the decanter and it was running full steam by the time the steaks were ready for slicing. 


This densely mineral, wild, volcanic-to-the-core wine was the perfect foil to the wonderfully nutty funk of the beef.  Its tannic structure was more than carried by the dark fruit, and the smoky, spicy, feral notes bounced around the palate on the way back to the gravelly finish. 


Certainly, though, it doesn't have to be steak night for this wine to shine...a pizza or some nice rustic pasta will be more than happy with it by their side. 


For a few years now, these have been some of our most popular wines every time they're in...


...and they're in... grab them while they are...


...and take pizza/pasta night to another level...



Aspritz Sparkling Aspirinio 2018 375ml 

Pallagrello Bianco 'Fine Moon' 2017 

Solopaca Rosso Superiore 'Sanacore' 2015 

Aglianico del Taburno 'Must' 2015 


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