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Fabulae Returns!
A fresh shipment of Fabulae - the line of insanely-good-for-the-money Campanian wines by former Kesté server turned wine producer, Stefano Cominale - is always a very welcomed arrival here at MCF.

Stefano was in house on Friday pouring the wines for a great crowd of people and we sold a ton of them.  

It makes a lot of sense why these wines do so well at MCF - they’re the soul of old Campania in a bottle, and my mission (well, one of my missions) as a wine merchant has always been getting as many people as I possibly can to understand what makes this region SO special.  

So yeah, Fabulae and MCF line up pretty naturally.  Plus, Stefano and I have a lot in common when it comes to taste and personality, too, but I guess makes sense when you think about it.  

Here's what we got - for whites, the new 2021 vintage for the fresh, zippy, herbaceously lively Pallagrello and and the intense, firm, piny and sternly mineral Aspirinio, and, for reds, re-ups on the dry, leathery, meaty Solopaca Rosso 2019 and rich, smoky, deeply mineral Sannio Aglianico Riserva 2016.

We also have the return of the Aspritz 500ml, a perfect single serving of delicious sparkling Pet Nat made of Aspirinio, this current batch is the best one yet, aided, no doubt, by the time it spent sitting and waiting during the pandemic years.

Get yourself some Campanian goodness!  

Pallagrello 2021
Asprinio 2021
Solopaca Rosso Superiore 2019
Aglianico Sannio Riserva 2016
Aspritz Aspirinio Pet Nat

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