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Exploring Italian Whites:
Sicily to Alto Adige (via Umbria and Friuli)


Today we are traveling the the entire South to North span of Italy with a selection of refreshing and affordable white wines to carry you quite deliciously through August. Whether you need some versatile and seriously food-friendly white wines or you are just interested in checking out a diverse and distinct collection from Italy, this offer has got you covered!



Mortellito Calaiancu Bianco 2018 $25

A blend of two native Sicilian varietals, Grillo (90%) and Catarratto (10%), possessing an unmistakably Sicilian nose with its flowery, savory and lightly tropical notes. The palate, however, goes much further down the stony/savory/briny path, maintaining a light freshness while also containing an intensity of character that gives it a more serious edge.



Bussoletti Narni Bianco 2018 $19

Making our way north from Sicily to Umbria, we have a 100% Trebbiano Spoletino from Leonardo Bussoletti.  Trebbiano Spoletino, experiencing a revival as of late, is grown exclusively in Umbria and is distinct from the other varieties of Trebbiano grown in other regions of Italy. This Narni Bianco offers a rich and refreshing presentation of the grape, citrus-y with pronounced acidity and a nice savory note.



Castellargo Friuli Bianco Tre Grappoli 2015 $17

A Friulian blend of Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay that will serve as an interesting alternative for the Pinot Grigio drinkers out there. Crisp and dry with a pronounced minerality, the Tre Grappoli also has a bright and lingering finish. I'm finding myself craving prosciutto as I write this and this bottle will go wonderfully with a salumi and cheese plate.


Alto Adige

Ansitz Waldgries Sudtirol Sauvignon Myra 2015 $21

Finally, we finish our voyage all the way up in Alto Adige in the northeast corner of Italy with a mineral and aromatic 100% Sauvignon from Ansitz Waldgries.  With an acidic structure and elegant minerality typical of the "mountain wines" from this region, the Myra is crisp and refreshing with a satisfyingly long finish.


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Case price (3 of each w/10% discount) $221.40


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