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The wines of Jean Marc Pillot have always loomed large for me.

When I was first in the business, they provided me with my first experiences of what proper White Burgundy should be.

Two decades later, they still make their annual appearance on my shelves, and, even with all the great producers who've found the limelight over the last 20 years, demand for Pillot is as strong as ever.

While their bigger-ticket wines garner all the attention, and deservedly so, Pillot's Bourgogne Blanc has always been a favorite of mine...and this version, the 2021 Le Haut des Champs, is one of the best in a long time.

It comes from a single parcel at the southeastern end of Chassagne, and, truth be told, it runs circles around many an 'village labeled' wines you may encounter out there.

The nose pops with all the flowers and citrus you could ask for, and the palate is broad & textured in that refined Chassagne way, and it finishes with a nice developed note that hangs over the mineral core.

It's a serious, proper White Burgundy, that'll scratch that itch, and then some.

At this price, though, you don't have to feel bad about it being your weeknight choice...

Bourgogne Blanc Le Haut des Champs 2021

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