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Everyday Selections for Fall

I know, I know.

It seems like everything I've written about over the last few weeks has been high-end, collector, pre-sale, etc.

There's just so much important wine hitting the market right now.

Today, though, it's just a nice list of wines that'll be perfect for anyone's table during this great time of the year.

So let's get to it.

Schoffit Chasselas VV 2014 -- For me, Alsatian whites and Fall are a perfect match, and this Chasselas VV from Schoffit is a great example of why.  With its very light, highly aromatic profile and dry, herbaceous palate, this is a really delicious alternative to the more ubiquitous fresh, crisp whites.  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is hit up Murray's for a mess of cheese/meat/pâté and then graze away the afternoon.  This would be a perfect companion.

l'Eperonniere Cremant de Loire 2012 -- speaking of great accompaniments to a smorgasbord, how about some textured, floral, honeyed Chenin Blanc in sparkling form?  The Eperonniere Cremant is quickly becoming one of my favorite wines in the Cremant realm, mainly because it goes so well with so many different situations.  Serious Chenin with bubbles?  I mean, what more could you ask for this time of year?

Guillemard-Clerc Bourgogne Blanc Les Parties 2014 -- a lot of you have been enjoying this one for for a few weeks already, but now's a perfect time to plug it into a newsletter, so here I go.  Yes, it's technically declassified Puligny, but what we love about it is how elegant, lively and complex it is for $26.  The Chardonnay fruit is surprisingly textured and it shows fantastic nuance for such a young wine.  The finish is focused, citric and bracing.  It's a great glass of classic Burgundian Chardonnay for a fair price (that's probably all I really needed to say).

Ronchi di Cialla Refosco 2015 -- Ronchi di Cialla is probably my favorite producer in Friuli.  Of course that's a tough decision, but, if pressed, I'd probably say they are.  Though there are more adventurous/experimental producers out there, Cialla's wines are classic, honest and loaded with character.  They also age wonderfully.  This Refosco 2015 is a lovely, medium-weight red that shows a perfect balance of energetic red fruits and peppery/herb-y nuance.  There's a nice bit of fine tannin and racy acidity on the finish that make it as good an option for a range of foods from delicate poultry, to meaty pasta, to a bigger dish like beef.  It's way 'Autumnal'.

CVNE Cune Rioja Gran Reserva 2010 -- CVNE is a juggernaut of Spanish wine, but they still craft some of the best examples of classic Rioja on the market.  This Gran Reserva of their 'Cune' label is a great example of Rioja that's packed with big red fruit, some subtle savory notes, and a healthy dash of wood.  What I really like about this 2010, though, is the elegance.  There is a fine structure under the fruit, but it's not a big strapping wine like Cune can often be.  This makes it both very drinkable right out of the gate and also a bit more versatile.  You don't have to relegate this to the 'Steak wine' category (although it'll still sing with a fatty strip).

Ignios Baboso Negro 2013 -- at the completely opposite end of the spectrum would be what's become a perennial favorite of ours -- the Ignios Baboso.  It's from the island of Tenerife in the Canaries and, well, there's nothing really like it...and I mean that as a high compliment.  The Baboso grape is finicky, thin-skinned and hard to work with, but the end result here is absolutely delicious.  If you picture a top-tier Cru Beaujolais with a dose of wildly volcanic minerality and a streak of clove-y spice running through it, you'll get a pretty good idea of what we have here.  Even though it sounds a little out there (and believe me it is) it never ceases to amaze me how well it goes with just about everything.  Every time I open a bottle of this for people, it's always gone in no time, no matter what type of wine drinker they are.  It's that good.

All wines discount by the case.

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