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Ettore Germano's Barolo - Still Worth the Wait


For my first post-Labor Day offer, I thought I'd start with (what else) Barolo.


So, back in April, I wrote about Ettore Germano's 2016 Serralunga Barolo (scroll below to read), and about how Germano's wines are always released a year later than most other producers' are.   I also talked about how Germano's wonderfully elegant style of Barolo is totally worth the wait.  


If Germano's Serralunga was 'worth the wait', then I suppose I'd classify their two single-vineyard wines, the Barolo Cerretta and Barolo Prapò, as...even...more...'Worth the Wait'-er...(?)


Anyway, my current lack of command of English aside, Germano's two single vineyard wines are some of the last to be released from this most excellent of years.  


They're both gorgeous, and are very worthy of your consideration.


And they're wonderful contrasts, as well. 


The bright, fragrant and refined Cerretta shows how wonderfully elegant Barolo can be, while the richer, darker, sturdier, meatier Prapò shows...well...the burly side of it.  


I almost forgot to underscore what values they are, as well. 


Oh, and the reason I included the original offer for the Serralunga below is because there's more of that available too.  



Barolo Cerretta 2016 

Barolo Prapò 2016 

Barolo Commune di Serralunga d’Alba 2016


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