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Ettore Germano's 2019s
While those close to me may beg to differ, I think I'm mostly a pretty transparent guy.

With that established, most of you have gleaned that my greatest love in wine is Barolo.

With that established, most of you know that I have producers of Barolo who are nearest and dearest to my heart.

With that established, I think I should also mention that that list of 'nearest and dearest' is fluid, in that there are always producers who, through sheer brilliance, end up elbowing their way into the hierarchy.

One such producer who's been an unavoidable addition to my pantheon over the last decade or so is Ettore Germano.

These utterly classic, single cru expressions check all the boxes that a lover of old school Barolo like myself could come up with.

They're fiercely structured, amazingly balanced and have all of the deep, profound soul that makes Barolo just so irreplaceable in life.  

(You might not have realized it yet, but, yes...Barolo is irreplaceable in life...)

Germano's fabulous 2019s are everything I'd hoped they'd be.  

The magnetic Barolo Cerretta 2019 is, at least right now, and somewhat paradoxically so, the more ebullient and colorful of the two.  Cerretta is a limestone site, so one would expect a chiseled, race horse of a Barolo that is very tightly wound and muscular.  That is all true with this 2019, but again, right now, there's a prettiness to the rosy nebbiolo fruit that makes for a highly mesmerizing wine that you can't help but return to.

Their signature Barolo Prapò 2019, on the other hand, is, oddly enough, the less generous of the two right now.  Since Prapò is a combination of clay and limestone, you'd typically expect it to be the broader, richer and more generous wine that more ably carries its tannins.

Perhaps it's just because it went into its shell more quickly, but this Prapò 2019 is very tightly wound right now.  The broadness and texture of the clay soil is certainly there, but it's nowhere near as approachable as the Cerretta.

Again, for now...

Like all the 2019s, these wines combine that monumental Barolo structure with a leanness & meanness that old school fans should all swoon over.

This is NOT your typical warm vintage, these are classic and focused, yet utterly transparent wines.

I'm all in on 2019...and all in on Germano...

Barolo Cerretta 2019
Barolo Prapò 2019

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