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Etna's Singular White Returns
The single vineyard of Casa Decima, in the Contrada Nave, lies 1100 meters up the North Western slope of Mount Etna, making it one of the highest in Europe.

It's planted of the ancient, rather obscure Grecanico Dorato varietal.

The wine that this site yields, the Millesulmare Bianco from Santa Maria La Nave, has become a true favorite of so many of you here, and it's easy to see why.  

The precision...

The focus...

The stony mouthfeel...

The subtly smoky cheesiness...

The pure volcanic pedigree...

A Sicilian answer to Chablis.

And in this newly arrived 2018 vintage, all of that character has continued to get deeper and more expansive, the aromatics continue to hone themselves.

I'm keeping this one as short as possible, because really it's a wine that can leave you at a loss for words.

So stop reading these words and get some of one of Etna's (and by extension, all of Italy's) truly singular wines.

Millesulmare Bianco 2018

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