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Elian da Ros Clos Baquey 2010

Da Ros is a staple producer of ours here at MCF and his wines have garnered such a devoted following across the board that every time we get a drop, it generates quite a buzz.

I mention this pretty much every time I offer these, that Elian is a star winemaker in France, but here in the US, very few in the industry has caught on to his talents.

That's great for us, because something like this Clos Baquey 2010, which would normally be diced up and doled out by the bottle to 50 different restaurants and shops, instead winds up here for all of you to ultimately enjoy.

I also say this every time I offer Da Ros -- don't get used to these wines being available in this kind of quantity forever.  All it takes is one highly-visible social media post or thoughtful newspaper plug and we'll all be fighting over single bottles from that point on.  

Anyway, the Clos Baquey is Elian's top wine, truly his vin de garde and I'll cut to the chase here -- this 2010 is the finest wine of his that I've tasted to date.

We have had our hands on the 2011 Clos Baquey three times, but this is first (and likely only) time we'll get this stunning 2010.

This incredibly drinkable red is a blend of Cab Franc, Merlot, Abouriou and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Merlot and Cab impart a wonderful, dark, luscious element that is perfectly accented with fantastic flowery/peppery aromatics from the Cab Franc and a burly/brambly personality that is Abouriou's signature.  If you really coax it, a very cool, almost Piedmont-esque medicinal note emerges on the very fringes of the nose.

It finishes with a nice dose of refreshing acidity and subtle tannin that signal its willingness to happily evolve in the cellar as well.

I'm not in the business of being critical of wine styles that don't suit my exact tastes, but I will say that this Clos Baquey represents all I've ever wanted Bordeaux-varietal wines to be -- honest and humble, with no affectations, yet at the same time wildly complex and full of unique character.

It expresses something greater without really trying...which is perhaps the ultimate compliment...

NOTE: This wine is scheduled to arrive at the shop next week (3/1).

Matt Franco

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