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El Dorado's Stunning Special Releases

This is some pretty special stuff.

Demerara Distillers' 'El Dorado' Rums have become some of the most popular and, at the collector level, some of the sought-after on the market.

These Rums are steeped in history and are produced in some of the oldest stills in the world.

Today, I'm happy to offer two VERY special limited releases.

They are authentic and delicious and will challenge not only your notions of what rum can be, but they'll also challenge any other brown liquor on the market in terms of complexity and character...and that's coming from a Scotch snob...

The Special Reserve 25 year is the oldest regularly-available drink from Demerara Distillieries and is a kaleidoscope of all of the flavors that great aged rum is known for.  

It's deeply colored, with a huge nose of rich fruits, spices and darker, earthier elements.  The palate is equally rich and warm, like diving headfirst into a Christmas cake.

It's truly amazing stuff -- the perfect post-dinner, tucked-in-by-the-fireplace drink.

Then there's the big boy -- the 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve.

This is one-time bottling that was produced to commemorate 50 years of Guyana's independence.  It's got all the special packaging you can expect from an super-exclusive bottling -- the numbered/signed crystal decanter, the gold medallion, the special box, etc.

But, like always, for me it's about what's in the bottle...and what that is is an utterly mind-altering 35 year-old dram that will challenge anything on the market in terms of complexity and singularity.

Obviously, we're not talking about an everyday kind of drink here, but, should you be looking for something truly special, unique and highly collectible, you go.

Take everything I said about the complexity of the 25yr and just multiply it multiple times and then add some wonderful savory nuances into the fold for good measure.  

There were only 600 bottles (600!) of this once-in-a-lifetime drink produced.

It's almost comical to say this, but compared to what you'd pay for a comparable single malt in terms of age and rarity, this is a value.

Truly extraordinary.

(all extremely limited)

Special Reserve 25 year $456 (REG $489)
El Dorado Rum 50th Anni Grand Special Reserve (35yr)
$2799 (REG $2999)

To order, please reply to this message or call 212.255.8870.

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