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Domaine Rollin's Pernand Blancs

I say it every year, but here I go again.

Domaine Rollin's Pernand Blancs are the Best Values in White Burgundy.

I know, I know, that's quite a bold statement, but those of you who have been buying these wines from me for a long time know exactly what I'm talking about.

For well below the price of anything of any kind of quality from Puligny, Chassagne or Meursault (villages or 1er Cru), you are getting wines of stunning precision, complexity and spirit.

I can't tell you how often people ask if we have 'anything like that Pernand' in a white.  While we always get them out the door with something that's close, the truth is that, for the quality and price, nothing really compares.

Today I'm happy to offer the stellar set of Pernand Blancs from the 2014 vintage -- a dream vintage for the Rollin style, as it emphasizes energy, clarity and cut, something these wines have in spades.

The basic AC Pernand-Vergelesses is, as it always is, fresh, crystalline, focused, aromatic and lively.  The classic, clean Chardonnay flavors have great complexity and weight, and they're wrapped around a backbone of piercing, lively acidity and firm mineral notes.

Just writing about it gets my palate going.

The single-vineyard 'Les Cloux' comes from a lieu-dit that lies adjacent to the 1er Cru 'Sous Fretille' (which we'll discuss next).  It's a bit bigger and deeper than the other two wines, with a richer texture, but the hallmark Rollin precision and intensity of minerals is still there.  In the last few vintages, the Les Cloux is, for me, really starting to nip and the heels of Sous Fretille in terms of caliber.

That being said, the 1er Cru Sous Fretille is still the master of the Pernand realm.  All of that electricity, energy and raciness is on full display here.  Take everything I said about the AC Pernand and turn the complexity and overall harmony all the way up.

It's taut, precise and relentless.

Unfortunately, the word has gotten out more and more on these over the last few vintages, so my quantities are all limited.

DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF SAYING 'I'll try a bottle now and then get more later' BECAUSE THEY WILL BE GONE VERY QUICKLY...

...and gone until next year...


PERNAND VERGELESSES 2014 $35 (REG $40, limited)

PERNAND VERGELESSES LES CLOUX 2014 $40  (REG $45, limited)

PERNAND VERGELESSES 1er Cru SOUS FRETILLE 2014 $50 (REG $57, very limited)

NET prices

These wines are slated to arrive next week (2/20).

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