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Deschamps Pouilly Fumé Vinealis - New Vintage (Old Video)


I recorded the above video a few years ago when I first began to endorse today's wonderful wine.  


And I've said what I'm about to say before, as well. 


Everyone knows Sancerre.  I understand why - good examples of it (and I emphasize good, because there is a whole lotta garbage Sancerre out there) are lovely, classic and often profound examples of French Sauvignon. 


However, there was a time where Sancerre sat in the background and its sibling, Pouilly Fumé, reigned much so that many CA producers produced 'Fumé Blancs' in reverence to the classic, French style of Sauvignon. 


My theory for why that shifted has always been that it's because Sancerre is easy to remember, and sounds so elegant and sophisticated when you say it, while Pouilly Fumé leaves everyone confused as to whether it's the one made of Sauvignon (yes) or the one made from Chardonnay (Pouilly Fuisse). 


In any case, while most Sancerre is certainly worthy of its reverence, I think wines like this Pouilly Fumé Vinealis 2019 from the stalwart Marc Deschamps, is the perfect wine to expand your Sauvignon horizons with. 


Deschamps' top vineyard is the Champs de Cri, and this wine is made from its oldest vines, and only in great vintages.  It's vinified and aged in used small barrels, endowing the wine with both structural and textural gravity. 


This is a serious expression of Sauvignon that is both vibrant and fresh, yet also textured and rich, with amazing levels of tropical, citric and mineral complexity.  Despite the richness the barrel endows the wine with, it remains a focused, lively and, yes, classic glass of Sauvignon. 


Oh, and it ages beautifully, too...


Get back to the ol' days of 1980s restaurant drinking...


...get back to Pouilly Fumé...



Pouilly Fumé Vinealis 2019


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