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Deep, Red and Ready to Go: Mas Cal Demoura's l'Infidele 2014


In continuing my 'Rhone-ish' kick I mentioned the other week, today, we're down in the Terrasses du Larzac in the Languedoc, with Mas Cal Demoura's wonderfully delicious and wide open l'Infidele 2014.


While wines like this are certainly perfect in the warmer months when big, grilled flavors are on the menu, for me, they really sing when it's cold outside.  


And it's cold's actually really cold inside here at the shop too.  I never turn the heat on in the winter because, with these old steam radiators, it tends to get too warm for the wine...and definitely way too dry. 


Yes, there are ways to work around that, but I'd rather focus on other how cold I am as I type this...and how nice a glass of this deep, earthy, spicy, soul-warming wine would be...


...with a nice stew and some crusty bread. 


Mas Cal Demoura has an interesting history in the Languedoc.  For a while, in the '70s, it followed many other producers down the path of joining the local cooperative, after the desperate feeling that it was no longer economically viable to bottle your own wine.  But, following inspiration from his son, Olivier, founder of Mas Juliien, Jean-Pierre Jullien sold off all but his very best parcels and renamed the estate 'Mas Cal Demoura', and nursed it back to health. 


In 2004, the estate was purchased by its current owners, Isabelle and Vincent Gourmand, who continue the organic farming and commitment to quality.  That same year, their specific zone, the Terrasses du Larzac, was recognized with AOC status for its wines of finesse and complexity among mostly fruit-driven value juice. 


If you need any evidence that the best of the Languedoc is still way undervalued, this is about as good an example as you'll encounter.  For $23, you're getting a wine that, despite its size, offers great clarity to go along with the generous red fruits, deep spice and pungent earthy notes. 


With three vintages under its belt already, the firm structure has already mostly resolved, and the smooth profile is wide open, waiting for some deep, meaty, savory flavors to compliment. 


Here's yet another example of my whole 'you don't have to spend a lot to get age-worthy wine' philosophy or, I suppose in this case it would be 'you don't have to spend a lot to get a wine that's already mature'. 


The main point, though, is that it's cold outside, and this is another 'Rhone-ish' wine that will warm the soul.  And if you're in a place that isn't below freezing, you can pretend to be like those of us who are by enjoying a glass with some wonderful grilled meal while you sit outside and quietly congratulate yourself for not living where it's below zero.


It's delicious, inexpensive and ready to go... let's go...


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