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“We seek for the future through agriculture, which means years of work in the vineyard…our grapes give good information, and let us know where the wine wants to go."  -Laura Lorenzo

Daterra is back!

One of the hottest offers from last year was for the wines of Daterra, the tiny but incredible producer in Galicia's Ribeira Sacra zone.

Intrepid (and talented) winemaker Laura Lorenzo's wines are among the finest examples of the 'New Spain' that you'll find and their rapid ascension from 'gems' to 'rarities' on the wine geek circuit has been astonishing.

The praise is deserved, though.  The reds are stunningly pure and silky and the whites are fresh, textured and focused.

Both sets of wines are ceaselessly complex and, in all their beauty, are comprised solely of indigenous grapes that are sourced from just 4.5 hectares of tiny plots that are scattered around Ribeira Sacra.  

The care in the vineyard is fanatical, the touch in the winery is minimal, the end result is pure magic.

Like all things created with such love, the quantity is inversely proportional to the quality, so ALL WINES offered today are extremely limited.

DATERRA 2015 (Laura Lorezo) -

Gavela da Vila 2015 $30 - the uniquely delicious Gavela is comprised of 100% old-vine Palomino from various sites each with unique soils, elevations and expositions.  This is a fresh and lively white that is also exceptionally deep and textured.

Erea de Vila 2015 $40 - the beautiful Erea is a rich, but racy white made mostly of old-vine (80-120yr) Godello and it treads into some pretty lofty territory with its oily texture, deep, supple fruit and firm mineral backbone.  This is one of the most complete whites on our shelf right now.  Take it to dinner and blind of bunch of Burgundy drinkers with it!

Azos de Vila 2015 $30 - this field blend red is comprised of (among other things) Mouraton, Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, Merenzao and Gran Negro.  It's aggressively upbeat with its fresh, supple and pure fruits that are interwoven with wonderful game-y notes.  If we had an extra bottle of this for every time we hear the 'you don't have any more of that delicious Spanish red' question, well...I guess we'd no longer hear that question...

Azos do Pobo 2015 $52 - the Pobo is the jewel of the Daterra lineup.  Grand Negro and Garnacha Tintorera make up half of the blend here, with the rest being a field blend of all manner of the other obscure locals mentioned above.  This dark, deep, incredibly complex, rustic and yet relentlessly elegant red is, for me, the apex of the 'New Spain', and is well on its way to becoming un-get-able.  EXTREMELY LIMITED


Get us your order by 6pm on Thursday and you'll have it anywhere in the tri-state by Saturday. 


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