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Cult Barbaresco - Serafino Rivella


Serafino Rivella makes brilliant wines in Barbaresco's famed Montestefano cru...


...brilliant wines in tiny amounts. 


Tiny amounts as in 1000 cases total, only 750 of which are Barbaresco. 


Rivella's Barbaresco Montestefano also has a cult following, which makes sense given how brilliant they are. 


Cult following + tiny production = Not many bottles to go around. 


In years when I get his wines, it's in quantities that are not nearly large enough to do much more than hand sell to a few customers. 


But I just tasted Rivella’s brilliant 2017 Barbaresco Montestefano and came away ecstatic about not only its quality and surprising approachability, but also about the fact that I was getting access to some quantity as well. 


The 2017 Montestefano is beautifully dark, mineral, floral and elegant, with a broad, wonderfully textured mouthfeel and a deceptively firm structure lurking beneath all the friendly Barbaresco character. 


I couldn't believe how nicely it was showing already. 


I also couldn't believe that I was going to get the chance to offer it out in the newsletter. 


Yet, here we are, with you reading this final sentence, perhaps equivocating on whether to buy some...I urge you not to equivocate on buying some...


...because a lot of people probably already hit 'reply' and ordered some without even reading any of this. 



Barbaresco Montestefano 2017 


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


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