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Côtes du Stone(r)


The 2016s from the Southern Rhône have been some of my favorite wines from the region in a long time...and, since they landed, I've found myself drinking a lot more Southern Rhône, maybe than I ever have. 


Even as the vintage slowly cycles out, my re-ignited love for some leathery, smoky, earthy dark fruit persists and, while I've enjoyed the '17s very much, and the '18s are very nice as well, anytime there's a good 2016 around, I try to jump on it. 


And when a 2016 from one of my favorite, classic, old-school, mineral-driven producers comes along, especially at a deal, and especially-especially when it has a nice, high percentage of Syrah in it...well, I find myself typing out a newsletter...


So here we are, with a totally delicious super-value from one of my favorite Chateauneuf producers, Clos du Mont Olivet, that's 50% Syrah, is from my favorite vintage since 2001...and it's a deal.


The Côtes du Rhône 'A Seraphin' 2016 is a lotta wine for $21, first and foremost.  This wonderful cuvée is a selection from their top CdRh vineyard sites, and when you read the tech sheet, it basically sounds like some idea someone had while they were a few glasses deep one night...


'You know man...someone should make a great Côtes du Rhône where they like...take Syrah from a high-altitude, cool climate, sandy-soiled vineyard and blend it with Grenache from a warmer, sunnier, but also sandy vineyard...and just for a little extra lively edge to it, a bit of Carignan from each spot too...'


That 'stoner-idea Côtes du Rhône' exists here, in this A Seraphin.  It's 50% Syrah (from the high, cool, sandy-soiled forest site of 'Montueil'), 40% Grenache (from the warmer sandy sites of 'Serre de Catin' and 'La Levade') and 10% of Carignan...and it's, well...awesome. 


It's noticeably redder in the glass than your typical Grenache-dominant CdRh, but what really gives away its not-your-everyday-ness is the high-toned, floral and smoky bouquet..and when I say 'smoky' I really mean that rich, fragrant, Church-incense-y kind of smoke that only a few places on earth are capable of expressing so well. 


There is a definite 'sizzle' to this one, it's seductive, it's welcoming, but it's also really fresh...which not only makes it exciting, it also makes it perfect for this time of year.  When you take the redder profile, the wonderful perfumed qualities and its textbook 2016-ness in the form of fresh, lively acidity and balance, it's just screaming for a slight chill and a place at your table alongside whatever just came off the grill...


...which is hopefully some home ground or hand cut burgers, or maybe some Kofte and homemade pitas finished right on the grill, do you...


As if there needed to be another reason to be excited about this uniquely-delicious-with-nice-Syrah-content-from-a-classic-old-school-producer-in-a-great-vintage-on-a-deal wine, I think what I might like best about it is the fact that it's still a bit of a baby. 


Don't get me wrong, there's lots and lots to like now, but I think there's going to be even more to love in a year or three.  I would say it'd probably do just fine hanging in your cellar for the next five years, actually, but I know, I space is valuable. 


Like I say pretty much all the time and almost never actually do, if this doesn't all sell out right away, I have every intention of socking away 3-6 bottles. 


So enjoy this lovely 2016 A Seraphin and, hopefully, after you've enjoyed a glass or six, you'll have some great, earth shattering stoner idea of your own...


...even if said idea is just to take another sip and enjoy the time with whoever your surrounded by. 


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