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Cool to the Core - Franz Gojer's Rosato
Timing in the wine business, like in all aspects of existence, is crucial.

Now that I've established that brilliant piece of original wisdom, let me try to explain myself...

A couple of years ago, I offered out Franz Gojer's Vernatsch Rosato as an MCF exclusive, and, while the initial response was solid, we continued to sell it for well after the newsletter went out until it was finally gone a couple of months later... which point it seemed like every person who walked in the door said 'Do you have any more of that rosé from Gojer?'

Sometimes it takes a wine time to build momentum, but the timing of that momentum is often frustrating for us wine merchants because this kind of thing actually happens a lot - we have a wine in stock for a while and people only start coming back for it after it's gone.

Fast forward to this year, with all of the bottlenecks in shipping happening worldwide, and this latest vintage of Gojer's Rosato, like many rosés, arrived a lot later than we'd hoped.  In other words, it arrived just in time for people to stop seeking rosé.

So, timing...

But, in this case I think it's okay for a few reasons -

One - it's the kind of rosé that actually drinks great this time of year.  The brisk, high-toned, alpine/herbaceous personality actually does quite well with richer foods.

Two - it's the kind of rosé that will actually get, in my opinion, markedly better as the months pass and, if you have any left come Spring, you're going to be quite pleasantly surprised with what you have on hand, as the pink fruits will broaden, and even more of that dizzying Alpine nuance will emerge.

And, finally, Three - since it's arrived late, AND space is at a premium heading into the holiday months, I'm offering you all, my cherished customers, very special pricing on this gorgeous wine.

So, whether you're the kind who does pink year-round, regardless of the season, or you're someone who might sit on it until March, you'll be getting a singular expression of one of the Dolomites' great producers...

...and you'll be getting on a deal...

...and who wouldn't want that?

Vernatsch Rosado 2021

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