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Consensus Smashing Beaujolais
One of the true gems of the giant Jadot lineup doesn't say Jadot on the label.

No, I'm not talking about Domaine Ferret, because this gem isn't actually a Burgundy, either.

Purchased by Jadot in 1996, Chateau des Jacques functions as its own estate and, like Domaine Ferret, does so autonomously. 

Their style of Beaujolais is strictly classic Burgundian (not surprising, I suppose), making for some pretty serious, structured and focused examples of truly age-worthy gamay.

Like most things associated with Jadot, the consensus crowd tends to overlook them, but that's always been a good thing in my book.  

I mean, what's not good about the wines being really good and really affordable?

And when I say 'really good' I mean...really good.  Today's selection, the Fleurie from the fabulous 2017 vintage is REALLY good.  

Think concentrated, sturdy, dark, mineral and and intensely focused.  

In fact, were it not for said deep, dark, earthy profile, aka, the signature of Gamay, it would be very easy to mistake this beauty for a 2017 from the Côte de Nuits.

I'm serious...

What's even more impressive is that this wine already has three years of bottle age under its belt and it's only just beginning to show its true colors.

Give it another year or two and the fireworks will be on.  Though, of course it's perfectly lovely now.  

What's even more impressive than the impressive things listed above is the price.  

This is, pound for pound, an easily more impressive wine than half the village Burgundy out there at double the price.  

So there's that...

Screw consensus and drink what's good.  

Fleurie 2017

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