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CLISSON 2014!!

Ever since my first tastings of the fantastic 2014 whites from the Loire Valley, I've had one thought looping over and over in my head --

'I can't wait for the 2014 Clisson...I can't wait for the 2014 Clisson...'

Well, it's finally here!

My personal favorite of all the Muscadet on the market from the benchmark 2014 vintage has landed and we're very excited, to say the least.

After all that anticipation, I'm happy to say that the wine does not disappoint.

The precision, the class, the elegance and (of course) the minerals that you have come to expect from this most-special of bottlings are expressed with such great tension and purity.

As always, it's also a tremendously elegant wine...pristine and restrained, it forces you to dig deeper, to really focus on what it has to say.

It'll make you long for a Summer day and all the shellfish your heart desires.

You're going to want to double whatever quantity you think you want here.  With the first half, you can enjoy all of the energy that comes along with young Muscadet and then sit on the other half so that, some years down the road, you can enjoy all of the beauty that aged great Muscadet has to offer.

I really try to shy away from the hyperbole...really I do...but this is one you don't want to pass up.


Matt Franco

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