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I've said many times before that I don't have much of a least not one that has much of a strategy behind it. 


What constitutes my collection is mostly a hodgepodge of random bottles that I grab off the shelf for myself as things come and go here. 


There are, however, certain wines that I go out of my way to grab at least one or two bottles of, and Domaine Pepiere's Muscadet Clisson is definitely one of them. 


And, when it comes to Clisson, I almost always grab one of the 3.0L bottles for myself if I can. 


I then bury that d-mag here at the shop and dust it off some Summer weekend years down the line. 


Coincidentally, they often end up getting consumed with a group while eating crabs...which is about as perfect a meal as you'll have, I add. 


This past Summer, I did break the crab streak when I cracked my d-mag of 2014 Clisson with lobster and spaghetti with clams.  Again...perfect...though I would add that the 2014 was still young...


This is, hands down, our favorite wine from Domaine Pepiere, we look forward to a release of Clisson as much as we do for anything else. 


It's everything you want in a great white wine - it's mineral, restrained, elegant, complex and beautiful...and, as I've hinted at above, it ages like a champ.   


Should you choose to let it sit for some years, the palate broadens and a fabulous nutty/cheesy complexity develops. 


Should you choose to drink it'll do just fine, too. 


The point, though, is that you should buy some now so that this Summer...or some Summer years down the line, you'll be really happy drinking it along with a whole buncha fresh fish... 


...regardless of what size the bottle is. 


DOMAINE de la PÉPIÈRE Muscadet Sèvre et Maine 2019


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