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Clerico Pajana 2011: Dark and Sturdy (and at a great price!)

We just received a new shipment direct from Italy of some fantastic wines, and on that shipment was a nice drop of an amazing Barolo - Clerico's 2011 Pajana.  

This is a dark, powerful expression of Barolo that, despite its elevage in barrique, carries the wood quite well (something Clerico's wines always do).

It arrived and get stacked up front in a prominent display and I instantly grabbed a bottle and pulled the cork.  I was super eager to see where it was at, because 2011s were so good and showy that I was quite sure this would be ready to go.

The first small pour showed a powerfully dark, tarry Nebbiolo character with a kiss of the oak.

After about 30 minutes, it really kicked into gear.  The wood moved into the background and the fruit took on a juicier quality with all manner of lovely Nebbiolo nuance coming to the front.  The hulking tannins held tightly on the long finish.

After a few more hours, I returned to the decanter to check in and it had clamped down, showing just how built-for-the-long-haul that it really is.

Everyone who works here quickly stashed a bottle for themselves...

This is just pure Clerico, evidence of how a deep, dark expression of Barolo can still be oh-so Barolo in character.

Having a big steak?  You can drink it now.

Need a gift for a Barolo lover?  This is it.

Want a fantastic wine at a fantastic price to bury in the cellar and be greatly rewarded some day in the future?  Perfect.

All of you regular readers know just how enamored we've been with the '11 vintage in Barolo, and this is a great example of why.

Oh, and instead of $89, it's just $72.

However you shake's a good move...

Matt Franco

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